Bailey - Animal Medical Center Of OntarioBailey Siebold
July 6, 1999 – April 3, 2013

Simply said: Bailey was joy.

We were so fortunate to have her in our lives for almost 14 years. We fell in love with her the moment we met her, loving her more and more as each year passed. No matter the situation, she seemed to always have a smile on her face, her tail wagging. Her loves were many — riding in the back seat of a vehicle, head and ears flapping in the wind, smiling the entire time; going on walks, especially in the woods and parks; sniffing and scarfing up anything that was in her path (gosh, she was quick – what a sniffer she had!); jumping and leaping; playing ball and retrieving; playing with her 4-legged friends especially her adopted 4-legged brother Jake; sleeping with a family member; doing “wild dog” running; the list goes on and on. She was the best companion we could ever wish for; she was such good, good girl. We look around today; she is gone. No more Bailey stealing the TV remote, getting tissues out of the waste basket or our pockets, snatching laundry from the basket. We miss her, but we know she’ll always be with us. We love you, Bailey; thank you for the joy you brought us.

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